Adele – Manchester Escort

Manchester Escort

Online reservation system where you can put your availability and when you would like to see it, how far you are willing to travel and how you would like to contact you to confirm the appointment. She has a number of apartments and hotel rooms in the area are available and selected the closest thing to me and when I proposed. We confirm the appointment via email.

We agreed to meet at one of the hotels we use, as it was closer to me. She gave me the room number and time to meet with her, it was a very nice and modern in city center hotel. I was first a little early and had a drink at the bar, then went to his room.

It was one of the executive suites on the upper floors, good size room with a double bed and a separate living area. The bathroom was huge, with its jacuzzi and television running.

How is the girl?
Adele is a model and does a lot of fashion shoots,and working as model at VIP escorts agency so it has an awesome hot body, long legs and perfect natural tits that are a perfect, nothing fake about her size. It has a nice tight ass and use these super heels that make it really high which is good because I’m a tall guy.

Erotic massage:
Adele – Manchester Escort  – is able to shiatsu massage, so she sat me on her massage chair fully clothed and did his magic. It was awesome and made me feel so relaxed, all my worries and stress of the work week was. After the massage she took me to the bed and undressed me while I undressed. He asked me to close my eyes and started massaging again, but more slowly, sat on the bed. She sat behind me with her ​​legs around my waist made ​​me a straw.

Intimate time:
Just as before I came he ran his hands down my legs and told me to lie down. The high heels and knees, his back to me, shook the hair was removed. Then he leaned on all fours on the bed, running his hand over the back of the leg and over his ass, asking me to enter her. I could not say no and my cock entered her pussy, I threw it there. Not so hard, but nice and firm, doing last time, enjoying her hot and sexy body.

What happened when you paid for your services?

I gave him the money, put it in the clip saying ‘baby thank you’ and kissed me on the cheek.