Escort Manchester

Choose to work as luxury escort was not easy.

I was studying in college and looking for a job to be able to reconcile with the studies. I could not stand much expenditure: apartment rental, the electricity bills, gas, college tuition, clothes … And why not say, I wanted to have extra money to travel or attend the theater, two of my passions.

Coupled with the low labor supply and poor salaries, everything is more complicated. It was clear that no one around me, no friends, no family, no college classmates, had to know why but still had thousands of questions.

By chance, one day in the college cafeteria, a fellow hinted me. I never would have guessed. I said, “You?” And I said “Why not?” “I’m luxury escort model. Labor chaperoning trips or conferences to senior executives, CEOs, etc. Men who do not want to be alone when traveling or just need the company of a lady when they just work.”

And she was the one who convinced me. She was already working from a few months to the VIP Escort Manchester agency. She walked me one afternoon to the agency and there I interviewed with the team. All I thought was totally reliable, transparent and safe. “All my fears disappeared.

Escort Manchester

Escort Manchester

Luckily I am a girl with a good physique, but my hours of running, swimming and gym costs me. Furthermore, the fact that he speaks several languages ​​fluently (small was living in London with my family and then of Erasmus in France) helped me a lot to choose me. And why not say, I am very social communicative staffs, who like to listen. And that is precisely what many customers looking for that escorts agency company like us.

Now 4 months I had my first appointment with a customer does. This is somewhat sporadic and temporary know. But the experience is more than positive. In addition to earn some extra money, I meet interesting people, travel, new things and enjoy the company of extraordinary gentlemen.

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