Yasmin – Escort Manchester

Yasmin - Escort Manchester

What was the escort girl?

1.52, thin, good body, 20 years old, long brown hair and delicious. Photos Gallery Yasmin – A model at VIP Escort Manchester give a very good idea of ​​what to expect. Your profile says he is 21 years old and since I’ve seen a few hours ago, I have no reason not to believe that statement. She has a pretty face with big and very kissable lips are gorgeous when they close around your cock, smooth skin, glossy black hair, dark eyes with an omnipresent glow of mischief, toned body with a great pair of natural tits. They were larger than I expected and spent a lot of time kissing and caressing and sucking and licking nipples Layla. Layla was clean and smelled good. Shaved down.
Great company, friendly and playful. She also has a great attitude, does everything with a smile and was devoted entirely to the customer.

Erotic massage:

He received me with a black dress, fishnet stockings and black high-heeled shoes. As I was soon to find out, she also wore a black body harness you see in the photos and a black thong. Eager to leave the formalities aside, I handed him the money and went to the bathroom to wash my hands (I was offered a shower, but I did not because I had one before leaving my house). On my return, I found Layla sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting for me. I joined her and I tried to lighten the mood a little talking. It was pretty complicated because his English so we started with caresses. This led to a warm massage.

Intimate Timing :

Very soon, this had increasingly passionate kisses, our hands slid over each other’s bodies, gradually freeing ourselves from the confines of our clothes. On taking up her dress, I was delighted to discover a very good pair of tits visible through the body harness. More kissing and fondling followed and was soon laying on my back as Layla proceeded to perform oral sex. I felt pretty good and let it continue for a few minutes before returning the favor. Acoste Layla face up and leaned over her, kissing those beautiful lips and caressing her breasts with one hand while gently rubbing her pussy with the other. It was very wet and soon my head was buried between her legs. She is very sensitive to oral, moaning, sighing and squirming a little. I continued for several minutes after which she drew me to her, kissing her more passionately than before, and gave me more oral. After a while he pulled out a condom, looking searchingly, and after a movement of my head, she put it on my hard, throbbing cock. We started with me on top, then turn to the cowgirl, doggy and missionary again. For some reason, I found it hard to reach orgasm, so I suggested we accepted 69 to Laya. This was what I needed: the view of Layla juicy pussy an inch of my face, along with his strong oral led to a wonderful climax. I shot my load in her mouth and after ensuring that there was a drop of semen over me, Layla went to the bathroom to clean up.

What happened when you paid for your services?

I paid by phone.

Reaction escort girl:

It made me come really, it was amazing.