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5 reasons why you should hire an escort on your next business trip to Australia

I always use Private Girls escort services,” said one of the many male businessmen who frequent Australia. Well, business meetings can sometimes be boring, which is why these people would look for the services of escort girls.

However, not all escort girls are equal. During your business trip, you can hire the best in town by contacting agencies that other men also prefer. These agencies will not only provide you with girls who are not only pretty, but are also witty and good at entertaining. See for yourself and discover they are considered as the best in Sydney.

Here are more reasons why you should hire an escort during your business trip to Australia:

  1. Can act as a tour guide

Business trips would not be fun if you do not get a tour around the city. Escort girls are knowledgeable of their locality, so they can show you the best places to dine and explore.

In fact, some female companions, who are locals, can show you around and let you experience their city more than those traditional tour guides.

  1. Keep you company during events

As a wealthy businessman, you need a beautiful and witty-looking lady by your side during events. Female escorts can dress up elegantly to help you keep up with your reputation as a powerful person.

Escort girls from trusted agencies can keep up with intelligent conversations with your business partners and colleagues. If you are in luck, your escort may even help you land a contract or find a client for your business.

  1. Realise your sexual fantasies

What can be a more fun way to complete your trip than to satisfy your sexual fantasies. Just tell them your wishes, and they will be happy to oblige.

Just be polite. Although your hired escort may agree to have sex with you, always treat them with the utmost respect.

Escort girls can include sex as part of their services, but they are different from prostitutes. Prostitutes can only offer sex for money, while escorts can offer more than just sex.

If you have friends who have tried escort services in Australia, ask them. You will know why they often say “I always use Private Girls escort services” once you try it for yourself.

  1. Ensure no strings are attach

Escort girls are professionals and only offer their services for a limited time. Thus, you are guaranteed that both you and them will not have any serious relationship formed. You do not have to worry about emotional attachments after you leave the country.

  1. Ensure Privacy

Hiring an escort from a reliable agency ensures your privacy. These agencies, after all, are bound to protecting their client’s information seriously. Also, no one will know that your lady companion is an escort. Girls know how to behave properly.

If you are curious why your colleagues rave about these beautiful women in Australia and continue to say, “I always use Private Girls escort services”, then please visit They have a wide variety of escort girls available you can choose one from here.

A Guide to Planning Birthday Parties in Strip Clubs

Birthday parties are exciting events. But before all the drinking and dancing is the tedious party-planning process. It takes time and effort to fully organise any occasion, much more when you are hosting it in a club with strippers for entertainment.

Here is a quick A-Z about planning birthday celebrations in strip clubs.

Do Some Research

There are a lot of strip bars out there where you can host your party. All you need is a quick research about the place and the amenities they offer. You will want to find a venue that is accessible to guests and can accommodate the number of people you want to invite. The more informed you are about the location, the better.

Make sure to list down important things you must inquire about–cost, party package, inclusions and exclusions, time to use the venue from start to finish, etc.

Make an Actual Visit

Photos and online details are not enough for such a big occasion. Take a quick trip to the actual place and see for yourself if everything is at it seems on the pictures. Imagine what the celebration would be like. You can use this time to check what you need to set up on the day. This will also be the perfect time to inquire about special packages and deals that you can get for your party.

Secure the Reservation

Confirm the reservation you made close to the date of the event. Let the club know that you are pushing through with your plans. Give them your final headcount, if possible, so they too can prepare for you and your peers. A quick call or email will do for most clubs.

Send Out Clear Invitations

When sending out invitations, make sure that you inform your guests about the nature of the club. Be clear that there will be strippers during the party and it’s all a part of the fun. You don’t want to leave your guests in the dark and eventually surprise them during the day. You don’t want to put them on the spot and make them feel uncomfortable.

Assign Someone for Photos

Lastly, have someone assigned for the photos of the party. It is expected that you will be spending most of your time interacting with guests and having fun. With a designated photographer, you are assured that the most memorable moments are captured in pictures. Then, you can reminisce about this birthday celebration that you’ve spent in an adult club.

Keep these tips in mind as you plan birthday parties in strip bars. Have the time of your life with a successfully organised celebration.

3 of the Best Clubs for Adult Entertainment in Brisbane

Brisbane is home to many adult entertainment establishments. So, the fun begins everywhere as soon as the sun sets. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special event with your office mates or friends or are just trying to get through a tiring day at work, you’ll have lots of options to choose from when it comes to clubs that offer adult entertainment in Brisbane.

Going to a strip club for the first time, but don’t know exactly where to go? Planning a friend’s bucks party? Showing your out-of-town friends how to have a good time? Well, these are the best clubs that offer adult entertainment in Brisbane.

OMFG Adult Lounge

Imagine a room full of half-naked women who’re oozing with so much hotness and who are just waiting for you to join the party. Well, that’s what OMFG is all about.

Here, you’ll find a never-ending supply of upbeat music and first-class booze. You can even have your mate’s bucks night for $500 or $700, which will include an exclusive roped off area, bar tab, and lab dances for the bachelor.

The Candy Club

If you want the ultimate VIP experience at a club that offers adult entertainment in Brisbane, then The Candy Club is what you need.

This exclusive club offers a full bottle service, VIP booths, private shows, whiskey tasting, and most of all, absolute discretion.

This club is the place to be if you’re looking to be entertained by the hottest dancers in Brisbane. This four-level stripper joint is anything but boring. It has a crazy selection of titillating dancers who are always ready to show you a grand time.

Eye Candy Adult Bar

Sizzling hot babes in skimpy bikinis, cool music, mesmerising stage shows, and ice cold drinks – you’ll find all these and more when you visit Eye Candy Adult Bar.

What you’ll definitely love coming back to is their array of beautiful women who are more than ready to “get naked and party with you!”

You can also get a one minute lap dance for just $10. So if you’re still testing the waters, this bar is the place to be.

The Eye Candy Adult Bar can also host your stag party for you. For $500, you can get your own private area, 2 10-minute lap dances, and a bar tab worth $300. Not bad for such a cheap price, right?

Check out one or all of these clubs to get a firsthand experience of adult entertainment in Brisbane. You’ve got plenty to choose from. Plus, you’re guaranteed to keep wanting back for more.

4 Ways to Find the Best Strip Club in Brisbane

Looking for the best strip club Brisbane has? For cities like Queensland capital, finding a great topless bar is proven difficult. With loads of varied hotspots for adult entertainment, there are surely dozens for you to choose from.

However, aside from finding gorgeous strippers and superb facilities, there are other things that you might want to look at. These 5 tips will show you how to find the finest stripper bar based on your preferences.

  • Know what the club has to offer

You can tell the best from the rest because of the kind of services they offer. Lap dances, VIP room access, and fascinating revues are just some of the usual. However, there are others that offer birthday packages, buck’s party offers, and other deals for patrons.

On the other hand, you might also want to see how their facilities look like. Are their private rooms shabby and cold? What about their seats and tables? These and more are important when setting the rest from the finest adult bars in the city.

  • Check out their menu and selection of booze

The best strip club Brisbane has to offer simply has the finest alcoholic drinks in town – and with a vast supply of these.

With vats overflowing with UDLs, Beam, and Bundy, there is none like it in the whole of Brisbane. Enjoy a cold bottle of Corona with your friends while enjoying your favourite sports show on a wide screen TV.

  • See if the place is secure and protected enough

Since you will be spending your time out for the entire night, just make sure that the club premises are entirely safe. Avoid nightclubs that are located in the seediest part of the city. You surely do not want to get into serious trouble, right?

On the other hand, check if you see any CCTV in the right areas, as well as, bouncers. This way you know that the club is serious about protecting its patrons. Remember, a good adult bar knows how to keep everyone safe.

  • Look into their website

The finest examples of strip bars are those that have their own official website. Yes, a fully functional site and not a mere Facebook page. Check one out and see what services are being offered. All information you need will most likely be found on the website. Likewise, look for reviews and honest customer feedback. It is quite important to do just that.

The best strip club Brisbane has been offering is characterised by having the finest services, amenities, security, and of course, the website. All these are elements to see whether the adult bar you are planning to visit is at par to what you are looking for. With these tips, you are guaranteed of a great club experience.

4 Positive Effects of Adult Entertainment in Relationships

Every once in a while you and your partner will hit a cold wall. The fire is there but everything just seems to be simmering down. One of many things most couples do that you can do too is incorporating adult entertainment in your usual routine.

There are several positive effects in bringing extra entertainment in your relationship. Not only will you have the chance to rekindle the spark, but you can also develop a few other things on top of it.

Here are some of the positive effects that could happen to you.

Drives Creativity

When you and your partner get to visit a place for adult entertainment, you get the chance to see new different things that you can try out as well. Perhaps you can try the art of role-playing or involve toys when doing the deed. Aside from this, either of you can learn some tricks that you can you can apply during foreplay. You can add in some sexy dancing or lap dancing to keep the mood hot and steamy.

Adds Intimacy

Extra entertainment can add more intimacy in your relationship as well. It gives you a chance to bond over something as a couple. It’s something exciting that drives you both to each other. You get the chance to imagine what it would be like to do something else other than your routine. On top of that, you and your mate can be open to the hidden fantasies you had in mind.

Forges Trust

With the stigma going around about strip clubs, strip bars, and the likes, it’s easy to have doubts when it comes to mature entertainment. Mutually agreeing to incorporate it in your relationship doesn’t just build the relationship but it actually forges the trust you have for each other.

Brings More Fun

Above all, mature entertainment itself is a fun thing to do from time to time. It’s a chance for you to unwind, enjoy the moment, and worry about nothing at all. It’s something wild and new that brings out a lot of opportunities to explore. It drives your libido up that makes you enjoy your carnal desires with your partner.

The urge to bring back the heat in a relationship is the first step to overcoming the cold stop. Don’t just give up on something that you share with your partner. Try adding adult entertainment in your relationship and witness these positive effects first-hand.

Important Dos and Don’ts When Visiting Gentlemen Clubs Brisbane Has

One of the best ways for men to enjoy Brisbane’s colourful nightlife is to visit its strip joints. After all, the city is known for having some of the most beautiful strippers in Australia.

It can be difficult to act cool and get the most out of your experience at a gentlemen clubs Brisbane has to offer when it is your first time going to such places. To make things easier for you, here are the dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind:


  1. Try to make a friendly relationship with the dancers, bartenders, and bouncers.

You don’t need to be a regular club patron to be friendly. Building a friendly relationship with the people inside creates a positive sense with them and makes you more comfortable with making certain requests. After all, there is nothing wrong with making new friends.

  1. Tip the people working inside.

Strippers, bartenders, waiters, and bouncers are there to make money. Not only that tipping will make a good impression on these individuals, but will also ensure your visit will be much more enjoyable. When it comes to getting a lap dance, tipping will even encourage strippers to take their performance to a higher level.

  1. Enjoy the experience.

Most probably, your main reason for visiting gentlemen clubs Brisbane has is to party with your mates or try to unwind from the daily grind. So, you should enjoy the experience. Order your favourite drinks, watch the show on stage, and get a lap dance in a private room. Go ahead and enjoy anything that these places have to offer.


  1. Get personal information from the strippers.

Strippers also have their own personal lives to protect. Do not try to get their real names or personal numbers. They have a reason for using aliases when working. So respect it.

  1. Get wasted.

While a strip club experience is not complete without the booze, you should still make sure to drink according to your alcohol tolerance. Make no mistake—getting drunk and acting a fool inside these clubs will book you a ticket to the can courtesy of the bouncers.

  1. Expect to get laid with the strippers.

While you might have heard some blokes talking about having asked some sexual favours with the dancers, do not do it. Strip clubs in this city only sell fantasy and are strictly against prostitution. So, if you think you can turn your fantasies into reality in these places, think again!

There you have it. By keeping these tips in mind, you can assure yourself of a great experience in gentlemen clubs Brisbane has to offer.

8-Step Guide to Awesome Buck Parties

Time does fly. From watching cartoons together to seeing Fortitude Valley strippers—you and your best bud have been through it all. Now, he’s about to get married.

What should a good best friend do?

Give him the best time by throwing him a bucks night he’ll never forget. Make this task fun and easy by doing these steps:

  1. Plan ahead.

It’s always good to start preparing things way ahead. This will put more allowance for future changes. Before you proceed to read this list, make sure the party you’re planning for will happen months later.

  1. Write a good guest list.

Is he an introvert? Invite his closest friends or co-workers. This will be more likely to be a small party. On the other hand, if he’s an outgoing type of guy, you may have to invite his other friends you don’t even know.

Note that the buck must approve every person on the guest list. With regards to inviting them, you can email them and meet them in person. This meeting will help you gather ideas for the next step.

  1. Customise according to his taste.

What does he like? His favourite food, drinks, and fetishes? What about his favourite restaurant, coffee shop, or quiet place?

Upon meeting his other close friends, enlist their suggestions about his preferences. Once you’ve gathered enough information, come up with a proper itinerary.

  1. Write an itinerary.

Messy is fun. But not knowing what to do next isn’t that fun. So, after gathering ideas and suggestions, write a good itinerary. List down the places you’ll visit first. Be sure to take note of the contact numbers to make the necessary arrangements with different establishments.

  1. Put some twists.

A killer bucks party wouldn’t be one without the twists. This is your playing field. Be as creative as you can be. For example, if you’re seeing or hiring Fortitude Valley strippers, ask if you can request them to dress as his favourite superhero character.

  1. Book the venues and transportation.

Get good deals by booking earlier. This will also give you more time to compare prices and packages. Also, it might be good to hire a limousine to take your around the city for your stag do. This will be for everyone’s safety, since you’ll most likely be drinking the whole night.

  1. Overestimate.

Always set an extra budget for everything. You’ll never know when you’ll need extra cash. This is also why you must compare prices before booking anything.

  1. Document everything.

What’s the use of having fun when you can’t use the evidence to blackmail your best friends? Well, kidding aside, you should try to document everything. Make memories, not enemies.

Five Things You Might Not Know About Stripping

You might think you know all there is to strippers from what you’ve heard on the news or seen on social media. However, not everything is as cut and dried as you’d assume.

It is understandably easy to believe the many misconceptions and myths about the adult entertainment industry. This can put you off from ever visiting a strip club Brisbane has, regardless of how fun it can actually be.

If you don’t want to stay ignorant of the truth, check out the following interesting facts about being an exotic dancer:

It’s both degrading and empowering

The world has changed a lot but discrimination and degradation against women continue to exist. You could be a stripper or a graduate student and still experience sexism or abuse. But stripping isn’t just about exhibiting your sexual power either. It takes physical and emotional effort like any other job. So, you could say it’s a good mix of depressing and exciting.

It costs money to be on stage

Most, if not all, strip club Brisbane establishments consider exotic dancers to be independent contractors. To rephrase that, they aren’t employed by clubs as permanent staff, unlike the waiters, bouncers, or bartenders. They have to pay a fee to perform along with tips for the DJs and more. Not to mention that they have to buy their own costumes and props.

It’s about maintaining a fantasy

Usually, patrons go to adult establishments to let their imaginations run wild but there’s also more than that. Others are there for the emotional intimacy rather than the physical. It could be that they just want to be treated like royalty or they want to have something to brag about to friends. In some cases, it may even be that they want somebody to listen to them rant about their personal problems.

It can teach you many things

You’d be surprised to learn that many strippers are working to pay through college. There are also those who have day jobs but are in it for the supplementary income. These are the kinds of people who have the drive to achieve their goals and could definitely educate you on stuff like staying motivated even when things don’t go your way or maintaining a smile even when you’re facing a bad customer.

It’s separate from prostitution

While it’s certainly part of the sex industry, it doesn’t mean that all exotic dancers are offering their bodies to bang. It might seem like they’re shoving their butts in your face during private performances, yet don’t expect any additional services at the end of their shift or over the weekend.

Many a strip club Brisbane has will tell you that reality can be a far cry from what you’ve seen on the telly. All you might see is a half-naked person but the truth is that there are many layers underneath the surface.