A Guide to Planning Birthday Parties in Strip Clubs

Birthday parties are exciting events. But before all the drinking and dancing is the tedious party-planning process. It takes time and effort to fully organise any occasion, much more when you are hosting it in a club with strippers for entertainment.

Here is a quick A-Z about planning birthday celebrations in strip clubs.

Do Some Research

There are a lot of strip bars out there where you can host your party. All you need is a quick research about the place and the amenities they offer. You will want to find a venue that is accessible to guests and can accommodate the number of people you want to invite. The more informed you are about the location, the better.

Make sure to list down important things you must inquire about–cost, party package, inclusions and exclusions, time to use the venue from start to finish, etc.

Make an Actual Visit

Photos and online details are not enough for such a big occasion. Take a quick trip to the actual place and see for yourself if everything is at it seems on the pictures. Imagine what the celebration would be like. You can use this time to check what you need to set up on the day. This will also be the perfect time to inquire about special packages and deals that you can get for your party.

Secure the Reservation

Confirm the reservation you made close to the date of the event. Let the club know that you are pushing through with your plans. Give them your final headcount, if possible, so they too can prepare for you and your peers. A quick call or email will do for most clubs.

Send Out Clear Invitations

When sending out invitations, make sure that you inform your guests about the nature of the club. Be clear that there will be strippers during the party and it’s all a part of the fun. You don’t want to leave your guests in the dark and eventually surprise them during the day. You don’t want to put them on the spot and make them feel uncomfortable.

Assign Someone for Photos

Lastly, have someone assigned for the photos of the party. It is expected that you will be spending most of your time interacting with guests and having fun. With a designated photographer, you are assured that the most memorable moments are captured in pictures. Then, you can reminisce about this birthday celebration that you’ve spent in an adult club.

Keep these tips in mind as you plan birthday parties in strip bars. Have the time of your life with a successfully organised celebration.